Health and Immunity are the New Gold

purtier placenta 6th edition promotion

The effects of PURTIER Placenta have been widely accepted by its consumers as manifested by its popularity over the past 12 years. As for CONSCIENTIOUS, it was launched on the 9th year into the establishment of the company, RIWAY International. The biggest advantage of the 2 products to the basic fact that RIWAY does not focus on the profit margin at all! PURTIER & CONSCIENTIOUS have 2 similarities; the usage of only the top ingredients and the combination of several benefits.

The conventional mean of maximising profit margin is to market as many products in the market as possible. PURTIER Placenta and CONSCIENTIOUS Series products could have been further marketed as several other products for different purposes on the market in order to capture the biggest possible market segment. However, RIWAY did not. It is only for the consideration of the distributors, who are constantly on the move due to their busy schedule. RIWAY makes it convenient for distributors to market the product to many others as they only need to focus on introducing 1 product instead of many others. The fact that distributors do not need to remember different products for different market groups makes it extremely simple for one to understand and enter the direct selling industry. In other words, it is a business model which is easy to duplicate and convenient for anyone to switch to.