Is plastic surgery a good idea for sagging or damaged skin? Does it really work and does it last?


People have always sought the secret of perpetual youth and smooth unblemished skin forever, and when cosmetic surgery developed, many believed they have found the secret. But it can only offer a certain amount of success and this, in the patient’s eyes, depends entirely on his or her ability to recognize the limitations of the technique.

People who have developed very wrinkled skin early in life may benefit from an operation which consists of an incision round the hair line on each side, and a pulling back of the stretched skin to give it greater tautness. This is called a face-lift. Eyelids can have ‘tucks’ taken in them, and frown lines can be removed. But the face cannot ever be made to look at though it has never been stretched. Even the best of results on a 50-year-old cannot mimic the youthful skin of 17.

People who expect such a degree of success are doomed to disappointment. But cheerful sensible people who have developed ugly lines may well be satisfied with an operation that in part removes them or with the application of modern Oral Stem Cell Therapy. The effect usually lasts up to 10 years, so the younger the patient when the first operation is done, the more likely is the need for a repeat. The limit for face-lifts is usually three.

Cosmetic surgery to the skin is like cosmetic surgery anywhere. A skin job, a nose job, and an ear job change only your skin, your nose and your ears. They cannot change you, nor can they change your life because only you do it yourself with proper diet, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits.