How does the body absorb the precious nutrients?

Purtier Singapore Enteric-coated

As PURTIER Placenta is produced using cutting-edge technology, the precious nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. The unique Emulsification Technology adopted during the production process enables larger molecules to be fully absorbed into body. The capsule then will break in an alkaline state in the small intestine, absorbing up to 80% of the nutrients with the use of enteric-coated technology.

What is the difference between normal placenta and PURTIER Placenta?


PURTIER Placenta is extracted from fresh Deer Placenta, and rich in nutrients and active factors. These unique active ingredients are effective in maintaining optimal health.

Normal placenta is usually in the form of powder. It no longer contains any active ingredients after being processed under high temperature. Thus, the efficacy of PURTIER Placenta is definitely superior to normal placenta.

Convenience or better health?


Very often, we choose to have our meals outside or consume fast food due to convenience; the ingredients in these foods have been processed or chemically added. Factors such as the increased use of chemicals, indoor cultivation, early harvesting and extended storage time results in the loss of many micro-nutrients, even if we consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, most of the vitamins and minerals have already been lost and nutrition is greatly reduced. Most people are unaware that we are actually surrounded by harmful substances in our env in our environment for instance, the pesticides in our food, ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere, toxic metals in the soil as well as other chemical substances that are hazardous to health and rapidly deplete the nutrients in our bodies, health supplements like PURTIER Placenta play an important role in the timely replenishment of nutrition.

Re-using cooking oil


Most people attempt to conserve cooking oil, will reuse their cooking oil numerous times when cooking at home. Hawkers who sell deep-fried street snacks and fast food restaurants repeatedly reuse oils that are maintained at high temperatures. Most cooking oil contain small amount of malondialdehyde –  a possibly carcinogenic substance that affect enzymatic activity, speeds up the process of aging and is cytotoxic. The malondialdehyde level in oil will increase 10 times or more when the oil is re-used. When these oils are kept at a higher-than-boiling point temperatures for extended period, it causes unsaturated fatty acid (which is unstable in nature) in plant oils to oxidize continuously, resulting in the formation of harmful or even carcinogenic substances. In order to maintain a healthy body, we need to continuously consume antioxidants and re-new our cells to maintain the body’s age. PURTIER Placenta is an all-in-one supplement which renew our body cells, provides antioxidants and plenty of nutrition that is required by the body.

What is the human body made up of?


A chemical analysis show that the human body is made of materials similar to those found in food. A healthy 150-pound body contains 90-pounds of water and about 20 to 45 pound of fats. The remaining pounds are mostly protein, carbohydrate, and the major minerals of the bones. Vitamins, other minerals, and incidental extra constitute a fraction of a pound.

The human body needs nutrition but most people nowadays may intake essential minerals, a convenient choice is PURTIER Placenta.