CONSCIENTIOUS Beauty Spray – 2nd Edition

Currently, renowned brand all over the world have their main feature product. Either a lifting series, moisturizing series, whitening series etc. which is intended to tackle a single skin condition. Most of those that is able to reduce fine lines is not able to do whitening. Today, we have launched the world’s first patented essence that has multiple uses, those that you would find in counters combined. 

All skincare brands including well-known ones has only 10-20% content of patented ingredient in the entire bottle of essence for the main series. Whereas the other 80-90% is made up of water. The high price point that these brands mark can easily go up to 200USD for one bottle of essence, excluding toner and moisturizers and even other targeted treatment. For the high price point that most consumer pay, a large portion of the product is actually water. For our CONSCIENTIOUS Essence Spray, the entire bottle of 60ml does not contain a tincture of water, and the ingredients are completely derived from the concentrated extract of plants.

CONSCIENTIOUS 2nd Edition Essence Spray contains 27 patented ingredients-
Most brands on the market contain less than 5 patented ingredients with a total content of only 10% -20%, but our 27 patented ingredients occupying 60% break through the unlimited skincare possibilities.

Other than the high patented content for the spray, we use 

1: Iontophoresis technology-inner letter 24k gold composition

This allows the product to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin with high nutrition content, along with gold which is a natural yet great ingredient beneficial for glass-like skin.

2: All-Natural Preservatives

All product requires preservatives to extend the shelf life of the product, otherwise the product would have broken down, decomposed or lose its functions in 2-3 days. Hence, preservatives is a must in all product. Due to it being a strong requirement factor, we opt for natural preservatives, which is a combination of 3 natural plants, and natural preservatives are health products themselves and have anti-aging functions!

3 · Biomimet liposome technology

Like the target harrow, it will automatically locate and find the repair technology. The nano level needs to be viewed with a microscope. It is used one by one with molecular packaging technology to let the ingredients enter the appropriate layer of the skin. Release slowly to achieve the desired effect.

4. Plant Stem Cell

Adding plant stem cells-sea fennel stem cells, to produce better results, one bottle can simultaneously achieve skin lifting, moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, light spots, smooth fine lines, and improve skin fullness, elasticity and firmness.

Some people say it is the pinnacle of beauty spray, some people say that its effects is unparalleled in the beauty industry, we say that we have been continuously working on to make it even more perfect in every way. Pushing the boundaries in innovation and excellence, our ultimate goal to create a unique product that delivers timeless results still stands firm, thus RIWAY International presents a work of our dedication and sincerity – the 2nd Edition of CONSCIENTIOUS Essence Spray. We have refined and upgraded our CONSCIENTIOUS Essence Spray in both its formulation and packaging is packed with significant improvements and brand-new breakthroughs in its formula, further boosting and enhancing its efficacy with a product that delivers superb results and has an automatic search function to fix any skin irregularity all on its own.

Once again, We hold true to our promise of bringing only the best for you, to you.
Through continuous extensive research, We have vastly redesigned the packaging of our Conscientious Essence Spray for greater convenience, making it rounder and lighter, in 2 convenient bottles of 60ml each With its cutting-edge nano technology, each nano-sized ingredient is able to penetrate deep into the skin, making absorption effective and instant.

The essence of beauty, rejuvenation and newborn skin all in the palm of your hands. Infused with a high concentration of only the finest ingredients, each drop of our CONSCIENTIOUS Essence is a waterless-spray that contains purely of the essence of each and every ingredient used to create perfect formula. Our powerful blend of 27 patented active ingredients which makes up 60% of its total contents has also been greatly enhanced with the use of gold to provide instant and revolutionary results which transforms the look of the skin. Gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties – a true indulgence that’s beneficial for the skin. Its anti- inflammatory properties is ideal for those dealing with sensitive, hyperpigmented, and acne-scarred skin. As far as ageing is concerned, gold also helps repair skin damage while adding radiance and glow with its intense light-reflecting colour. It improves skin elasticity, giving it a firming effect and environmental aggressors and daily pollutants. 

As a result of our constant pursuit for innovation, CONSCIENTIOUS Essence Spray 2nd Edition has taken on a completely new dimension and once again revolutionised the beauty industry with this latest offering. Who says you can’t look beautiful on the journey to success? 

Smooth and flawless skin are one of the hallmarks of beauty, but our environment and diet causes our skin to age and become dry. Thankfully, RIWAY International has the secret to purity, rehydrates and tighten your pores. Immerse your skin in intense indulgence with our Conscientious Essence Spray 2nd Edition.

Side note : Conscientious is our 2nd product launched after 10 years with our star product purtier placenta. If you keen to understand more about how a single product health supplement can be dominating in the market for over 10 years, many giving its name as the “Rolls Royce Supplement”. Do check out our all star product here – Purtier Placenta 6th Edition