Smooth and flawless skin are one of the hallmarks of beauty, but our environment and diet causes our skin to age and become dry. Thankfully, RIWAY International has the secret to purity, rehydrates and tighten your pores. Immerse your skin in intense indulgence with our

CONSCIENTIOUS Brightening and Firming Mask. Packed with an exceptional concentration of CONSCIENTIOUS, this mask takes your skin to the next level of crystal clear.

1. Brighter Glow
Improves radiance immediately after application by conditioning the skin with intense
hydration and boosting moisture level.

2. Smoother Texture
Improves texture by plumping up the skin with moisture for boosted smoothness.

3. A 2nd skin for that Newborn Feel
Hugs your skin tight enough to ensure the most effective absorption of nutrients to your skin, snug enough to make you feel like it’s not even there

Late Nights

And a stressful life is always a challenge to your skin health

With the innovative use of Mircro-Emulsification and Anti-Pollutant Defense technology 

Conscientious Facial Mask quickly repairs in ONLY 10 MINUTES

Keeps it delicate , save skin fatigue, and fights external damage

Gently apply it to the contours of the face

A single piece can provide multi-effect repairs

The special micro-fiber technology of the mask is naturally light and skin-friendly

Experience luxury at its best 

The perfect experience in a single mask


Side note : Conscientious is our 2nd product launched after 10 years with our star product purtier placenta. If you keen to understand more about how a single product health supplement can be dominating in the market for over 10 years, many giving its name as the “Rolls Royce Supplement”. Do check out our all star product here – Purtier Placenta 6th Edition